5 of my favourite Podcasts I listen to that help with improving confidence and reducing anxiety.

advice I love listening to Podcasts! Whenever I go anywhere in the car I stick one on (provided i’m not with Clara and forced to listen to nursery rhymes!). I was quite a late arrival to the Podcast scene and my first listen was the true crime series, Serial by This American Life. (how addictive was it?!). Since then, I’ve discovered hundreds more but I always end up favouring the self help and motivational ones.

harga cytotec yang asli I’ve managed to narrow it down to 5 that I listen to on a regular basis. They have different themes but all offer something in terms of making you think more objectively and have interesting discussions about mental health.

1: Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations

I mean, I couldn’t talk about self help podcasts and not mention the queen of self help! In her Podast, Oprah interviews lots of different wellness experts, thought leaders and best selling authors who discuss their take on the deeper meaning of life. Although the topics are varied, all the conversations make you challenge negative thoughts and see things with a fresh perspective. It’s quite an intense listen at times so you have to be in the mood for some deep thinking! Some of my favourite episodes have been with Elizabeth Gilbert, Cheryl Strayed and Deepak Chopra where they talk about finding yourself and your passions. Not quite confidence related but I’ve also recently read Oprah’s new book, The Path Made Clear which a really helpful read if you’re struggling with direction and purpose.

2: Happy Place

This is Fearne Cotton’s Podcast who i’ve been a fan of since her Radio 1 days. She’s really open and honest about her own struggles with depression and anxiety and her guests on the Podcast all share their experiences too. It’s a collection of interviews with celebrities who discuss what makes people happy and ways to deal with struggles you may be having. A few of my favourite episodes so far have been Ruby Wax on mindfulness, Emma Willis on inner/outer beauty and Davina McCall on learning to love yourself. Even though the topics can be quite deep, its a really uplifting and positive podcast and it always makes me feel inspired when I listen to it. Fearne has also written a series of books; Calm, Happy and Quiet which are definitely worth a read if you like self help books. I have a copy of Quiet that I like to refer to when I need to challenge any negative thoughts.

3: The Calmer You Podcast

The host of this Podcast is Chloe Brotheridge, an Anxiety expert and author of ‘The Anxiety Solution‘. It’s a mixture of interviews with wellness experts and solo episodes where she talks about her own personal experiences and gives guidance on topics linked to confidence and anxiety such as perfectionism, imposter syndrome and fear of failure. I find Chloe’s podcast really relatable and the content is always really valuable and inspiring.

4: The Motherkind Podcast

The motherkind podcast thumbnail

The Motherkind Podcast focuses on Mental Health for Mums and helps with making sense of the emotions parenthood can bring. I’ve almost driven myself crazy thinking i’m alone in feeling totally overwhelmed with being a Mum but listening to these episodes made me realise i’m not on my own. I resonate with so many of the conversations Zoe has with her guests, they have covered everything from dealing with anxiety, the importance of self care, having ambitions and juggling a career as a Mum.

5: Blindboy Podcast

This one is a bit of a wild card and is a bit bit like marmite but personally I love it (the Podcast, not marmite, I can’t stand that stuff!) Blindboy is part of an Irish band called the Rubber Bandits and has this Podcast he hosts himself. He covers an eclectic array of topics but many of them touch on mental health and anxiety in particular. Blindboy talks about his personal experiences of anxiety, panic attacks and how he overcame it through using CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy). He has recorded a series within the Podcast just focussing on CBT which he has simplified so well. If you’ve ever considered having CBT and want to know how it works then they’re definitely worth a listen. His episode on the history of Hip Hop is also super interesting if you want a break from mental health chat!

So that’s the 5 Podcasts I listen to regularly that help me untangle my crazy thoughts. Sometimes it’s hard to talk openly about struggles you’re having, especially when it comes to confidence and anxiety so listening to others open up about the things they don’t usually talk about helps you understand your own mind.

Do you have any favourite Podcasts you listen to regularly? I’m always interested in recommendations in any genre 🙂

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