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5 self care activities for Mums who suffer from ‘borrowed time’ panic!

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Reading a magazine from front to back used to be a favourite Sunday activity of mine. Now it feels so indulgent when there are other priorities but why stop doing something you enjoy?

cytotec kaufen ohne rezept I don’t know if anyone else has this but whenever I get a couple of hours to myself, panic mode sets in. I get overwhelmed with all the things I would like to do but I feel like i’m on ‘borrowed time’ so I can’t relax. 

Rather than spending 2 relaxing hours doing one activity, my mind starts racing, I start to read the book I’ve been meaning to finish but whilst I’m reading my book, i’m thinking about the washing that I ‘should be doing. So I do the washing then decide to have a nice hot bath but whilst i’m in the bath, I can’t stop thinking about the kitchen that needs cleaning so I get out and clean the kitchen. 

When the kitchen is clean, I’ll get sit down with my dusty copy of Red Magazine that I bought last year and never got round to reading. But whilst reading it…I hear the door and everybody is home. My magazine gets put away and Mum mode is switched back on.

Rather than feeling refreshed and recharged, I feel frazzled and need another 2 hours to myself. Multi-tasking has been glorified before now but it’s since been proven that focussing on one thing is much more productive. 

If you struggle choosing what to do with your 2 hours free time, here’s a list of my go to self care activities. To help with my panic mode, I choose 1 activity and set a timer. I can’t look at the clock because that just makes me anxious about the time i’ve got left.

List of my go to Self Care Activities

Here are some activities I like to do when I have 2 hours to myself.

1. Read a magazine from front to back. 

It feels so indulgent but it was something that I loved to do before having C, reading every inch of a magazine whilst dunking a few Hob Nobs in my cup of tea! There’s no reason why we shouldn’t allow ourselves a couple of hours reading a magazine if it brings us a bit of joy.

2. Have a pamper session.

Sounds a bit cliche but it’s something I used to love doing, but again, I sent it way down my priority list when C came along until I no longer did it. Now, I try and do it once a month as it makes me feel much better about myself. I have a proper bath, exfoliate and moisturise using those Christmas gifts that I never get round to using! Do my fake tan, paint my nails, put on a face mask and hair mask. Literally ‘the works’. It’s a whole 2 hours dedicated to looking after yourself and it feels amazing!

3. Work on a hobby or passion project

I always have a few projects on the go. At the moment, mine is working on the blog and practising my photography. It’s so important to have something for yourself as it’s too easy to get lost trying to serve every one else as a Mum and make sure everyone else is happy. But using some creativity takes your mind off the mundane everyday and reduces stress and anxiety. It could be putting together that photo album you’ve been meaning to do or baking (if you love baking!) as long as it’s something that you enjoy.

4. Move your body

This is something I struggle with as it feels like i’m not being productive but its soooo important for your physical and mental health. I always feel energised when I’ve done something active. Go for a run ( I’m currently doing the Couch to 5k which is a great running app to follow). You could follow a workout on Youtube, do 30 mins of Yoga or put on your favourite music and dance in your living room. Anything that gets your body moving!

5. Go to a coffee shop and enjoy a hot drink and a cake

This is one of my favourite things to do! Taking myself out of the house means I don’t think about any of the chores I ‘should’ be doing. I can have a fully self indulgent hour or two enjoying a drink whilst it’s still hot! Adding a cake to it is even better. Even better still, take your magazine or book and just see how quickly that time passes! 

I still struggle with doing something just because it’s fun, when I have my little moments of free time . But i’m starting to realise that having a bit of fun and indulging ourselves is still productive, it’s necessary for our happiness which then makes us better Mums in the long run.

I’d love to know what you do when you have a couple of hours to yourself? Do you prioritise the chores or have a go to activity that makes you feel totally refreshed?

Let me know!

Gemma x

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