Why Not Allow Yourself To Write And See What Happens?

buy priligy ireland My previous attempts at starting a blog over the last 9 years have failed miserably (yes it has been that long since I first tried!)

lopimune cost I’d be all enthusiastic, buy a domain name, spend ages choosing the theme to make it look professional but when it came down to actually blogging, I’d hit a wall… I just couldn’t write anything down. All my ideas for blog posts were gone and nothing would appear on the screen.

I had a huge desire to write and create but I just couldn’t get anything out of my head. It was like a thick layer of fog had covered my brain and nothing could escape. After a few attempts, I told myself that blogging and writing just wasn’t for me and I wasn’t the creative person I thought I was. So time and again, I let the domain names lapse and forgot about it all. But that desire and urge to write never really left me.

So about 2 years ago I started on a personal development journey, reading books, listening to podcasts, I even hired a coach. I was trying to figure out my passions and why I wouldn’t allow myself to just write. It wasn’t just writing that I was blocking though, I never allowed myself to fully let go and just run with any of my ideas and it’s stifled me in so many more ways than just starting a blog.

Within those 2 years of reading self development books, taking courses in blogging, writing, journalling, instagram, Pinterest…You name it and I’ve read it , listened to it and done the course! I’ve finally come to realise that I suffer from ‘Perfectionism’ and have an overwhelmingly strong desire to control outcomes. It might be obvious to an outsider that I was on a self sabotage mission but when you’re living with it, it’s not so obvious. It’s fear that’s ultimately been holding me back from achieving the things I actually want. Fear of getting things wrong, fear of judgement and never allowing myself to be a ‘beginner’ at anything.

Learning this about myself hasn’t been the end of my problems though. I still have these beliefs, that have been around probably since I was a teenager looking back. Putting myself and my ideas out there into the world is hard and takes a lot of effort.Journal and coffee cup

I realised that I needed to risk failing and feeling silly to actually get started. No one starts off as the best at anything, mistakes will happen and you just learn from them. I’ve also removed myself from the outcome of starting this blog which has helped me just start writing. If people read it and can relate, amazing! If not then it can stay as my little piece of creativity just for me.

The best book I read that has actually helped me finally start is Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. There are so many little gems in there but this quote was the most profound for me as it took away the pressure to create things for others and something that’s deemed useful or valuable. This allows me to just write and create simply because I enjoy it;

“You are not required to save the world with your creativity. Your art not only doesn’t have to be original it also doesn’t have to be important. Make your work for your own purposes and pleasure. If your work ends up helping others, that’s great.”

Fast forward to now and I’m actually writing my first blog post! And guess what? I still have fears around it but I’m allowing myself to just write and have taken away the expectations and outcome from it and it’s finally on the page!

So, if you’re struggling with getting stuff out of your head, just put yourself out there and prepare to fail.  Risk looking silly and enjoy the process. Also, another big one is “be curious not competitive” because I’ve found that comparison and competition truly stifles creativity.

Why not allow yourself to just write and see what happens?

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